Ice Dam Prevention Products

ice dam diag

The cycle of freeze thaw conditions can create dangerous ice buildup. This can cause leaking, and structural damage to your roof.
Snow accumulation can create heavy weight loads on a roof, are often difficult to remove, and potentially dangerous. With the proper ice dam products, snow and ice can be kept clear with a well-designed roof de-icing system. Make your home or business safer. You will expand the life of your roof and reduce the potential dangers and damage that snow can create!

Deicing Cables

deicing cables

Have you ever seen these black cables on the lower edge of a roof and wondered what they were for? If you live in The North country, you're no stranger to ice dams, roof icicles and other winter roof issues. You've most likely lived in a house at some point that has issues with ice build-up or winter roof leaks from ice and snow.
The black cables are referred to as de-icing cables, roof cables, heat coils or ice lines. The purpose they serve is to raise the temperature of the problem area above freezing temperatures in order to keep ice and snow from building up in the gutters, on lower roof edges and in roof valleys.