Gutter Cleaning Is Critical for the Health of Your Home

Gutters are part of your roofing system and they require regular maintenance.

4 Seasons Annual Gutter Cleaning Service 

  • Unblock each downspouts
  • Particles bagged
  • Complimentary re-nailing of gutters
  • No-cost examination of gutters, roofing, exterior
  • Houses with significant tree cover might require 3 to 4 appointments annually
  • 100% total satisfaction guarantee – our company guarantees your own gutters will certainly circulate!

Your home’s gutter, downspout and drainage system are one of the most important items to maintain. A large percentage of water damage we see on our clients’ homes would not occur with a properly functioning gutter system. To preserve the health of your home, you must understand how gutters shed water away from the home and what happens when you delay cleaning your gutters and put off gutter repairs.

In rainy regions of the country like New York, gutters are mandatory to channel roof runoff safely away from the home. Most homes in Upstate New York have basements, failing to channel water away from the soil immediately adjacent to the home’s foundation is an almost certain invitation to a wide range of basement moisture-related problems. Properly functioning Seamless Rain Gutters and Downspouts are not only essential for preventing damage to the lower portion of the roof, fascia and soffit components, but avoiding other expensive home repairs.

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What Happens If You Don’t Do Gutter Cleaning?
Failing to clean your gutters properly will cause your gutter system to back up-rapidly! If your gutters are filled with leaves, a rain storm will fill gutters with water, and as the water flows toward the downspout, it will begin to carry leaves and debris with it. Quickly, the downspout will become clogged and the water in the gutters will back up.

When water backs up in a gutter filled with debris, several bad things can happen. If the rainfall is sufficient, the gutter will over flow, sending water straight to the ground, eroding soil near the foundation, destroying the landscape below. This over fow of water can soak the soil near the foundation wall causing basement leaks, and water damage. Overflowing gutters can also send water back into the soffit, causing wood rotting the fascia area and water damage on the interior of the home.

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Even if the gutters do not overflow, water pooling in the gutter, combined with a large quantity of leaves will develop into a problem. The leaves, sticks and other organic material can break down and combine with the asphalt granules that run off of a typical residential roof. This mixture forms a grainy, mud-like sludge that lines the gutters and downspouts. This sludge then works its way into downspouts and drains, completely blocking any further water passage. Often, the only way to resolve such blockage is to dig up the drain and replace it.